Robby Riggs | Transformation Thought Leader & Co-Founder

Robby is a high performing transformation leader with experience driving change initiatives from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. He has shepherded clients through re-orgs, technology implementations, talent evaluation and planning, strategic planning, and multiple acquisitions. He believes in the power of real teams and is passionate about bringing people together to achieve more.  

Robby is one of the hosts of the CounterMentors podcast, which provides wisdom on leadership in the workplace from the perspectives of a Boomer and a Millennial. Click here to learn more about the show, check out past episodes, or subscribe! With his co-host, Kelly Riggs, Robby has co-written a book, Counter Mentor Leadership, that teaches you how to unlock the potential of a multi-generational workplace. Click here to get your copy!

Robby is an avid weekend warrior who loves to run, play soccer, and shred fresh powder. 

Ken Wilkins | Strategy Thought Leader & Co-Founder

Ken is an entrepreneurial strategy leader who excels at partnering across all levels of complex organizations to unravel tough business problems, both functional and technical. He strives to unify strategy and execution, providing new strategic insights and creating lasting value for the projects, leaders, and companies with which he partners.

He approaches complex challenges with tenacity, heart, and intrinsic motivation to get the job done with a dynamic skill set and hard work ethic honed through years of strategy consulting experience. He believes in the power of partnership and will bring his strategic approach to collaboratively solving complex challenges to bear in your organization, and work relentlessly to add value with your fingerprints all over it.

Ken is a serial entrepreneur who loves real estate, social enterprise, and anything remotely resembling a beach!